What is the Quebec graduates Path and how do I know if I qualify  ?

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Answer ?

There are some conditions to be met for Quebec graduates. Two of these several conditions are:

  • Hold an eligible Quebec diploma
  • Demonstrate advanced intermediate knowledge of oral French

What are the eligible diplomas?

-Diploma of vocational studies attesting to 1800 hours or more of studies

– If the Diploma of vocational studies is less than 1800 hours than it can be followed by an Attestation of vocational specialization to reach the 1800 hours and leading to a particular trade

-Diploma of college studies, technical training

-Bachelor’s degree

-Master’s degree


Do I always need to take a test to demonstrate my ability in French?

If you can submit a final transcript attesting to the successful completion of a study program in Quebec completed entirely in French than you do not need to take a French Test.

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